Can You Use a Pizza Stone for Everyday Cooking?

When you hear the name pizza stone, you might get the idea that it can only be used to cook pizza! That is actually a common misconception, because you can use a pizza stone for dozens of different everyday cooking needs! Pizza stones are very versatile and can do more than make mouth-watering za’! Check out the rest of this article to learn why a pizza stone is one of the most useful cooking tools you never knew you needed!

What Does a Pizza Stone Do?

At this point, you probably want to know just what a pizza stone is and what it does. A pizza stone is quite literally a stone used to cook pizza, but more specifically, it is a slab made of some kind of material that you can put inside your grill or oven.

This slab of material will heat up with your oven and eventually be the exact same temperature. Most pizza stones are flat and have a round or rectangular shape which creates a wide plot of surface area. This gives you a great target that will directly apply the heat of your oven or grill to whatever you’re trying to cook!

The best pizza stones are also covered in tiny holes which makes them porous. These tiny holes are excellent at drawing moisture out of your food, letting your food cook very quickly. This lack of moisture is exceptional for pizzas because it creates perfectly crispy crust.

Even though the pizza stone was definitely designed to cook pizza, it is far more useful than just a pizza tool. Basically anything that you want to put in the oven can be put on a stone, providing great direct heat and a quick cooking time!

The reason why you can do this is because the whole purpose of a pizza stone is to emulate a high-temperature environment like you’d find inside a wood-fired brick oven. Many homes are equipped with electric ovens which aren’t very good for directly applying high heat.

Any food that can be cooked in the oven will likely benefit from the science behind a pizza stone. A pizza stone’s ability to reduce moisture and quickly apply heat over a large area makes it an exceptional everyday cooking tool!

Popular Foods that Thrive With a Pizza Stone

We’ve said you can cook just about anything on a pizza stone, but you’re sure to be curious about what kinds of food that entails. It is important to remember that your pizza stone will absorb the flavors of whatever food you cook, so it probably isn’t the best idea to cook sweet things on a stone you’ve made a lot of savory foods on.

This trait also works both ways though, allowing some previously-boring foods to adopt exceptional flavors because of the taste stored in your pizza stone! Here are some common, everyday foods that you can cook on a pizza stone:

  • Quesadillas – We’ve talked before about how the quesadilla is basically the Mexican equivalent of pizza. Both have a bread base and pile on toppings that are kept together with melted cheese. Quesadillas are often cooked in a press or on the stove, requiring direct heat on both tortillas. A pizza stone is perfect for applying this direct heat, giving your quesadilla a satisfying crunch in addition to perfect cooking.
  • Breads – Any kind of bread or bread-based food cooks great on a pizza stone! Any type of dough is often filled with moisture, but the porous design of pizza stones is great for drawing this out slowly without drying out your loaf! Bread also loves direct heat which can help create an impressive crust if you’re looking for that.
  • Proteins – It may seem weird to cook meat on a pizza stone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it! This definitely works best when you use your pizza stone on the grill. This allows you to perfectly sear your meat, something that is much harder to do without a stone. This especially comes in handy when you’re trying to grill a whole chicken, as the stone touches more parts of the chicken than the grates of the grill would.
  • Vegetables – Any kind of vegetable, especially potatoes, are fantastic for roasting on top of a pizza stone. Vegetables love direct heat and are also filled with moisture. A pizza stone is great for dealing with both of those needs, quickly providing you with delicious roasted veggies!
  • Frozen Goods – You can also opt to warm up frozen goods on a pizza stone! Any kind of frozen food is designed to cook in the oven which makes it a great candidate for the direct heat a pizza stone provides! In addition, you’ll also soak up the flavors from any pizzas or other foods you cooked on the stone previously. This can help add some life to the naturally-mundane flavor of frozen food.

The Toughest Stone Around!

The answer is finally out – yes, you can use your pizza stone for everyday cooking! One thing to keep in mind is that using your pizza stone everyday will put it through a lot of strain. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you buy a high-quality stone that endures as much use and abuse as possible.

The Cast Elegance pizza stone was created with those exact qualities in mind. It is constructed using a material blend known as Thermarite which allows it to endure more extreme temperatures than any other stone on the market! This also makes it incredibly durable, letting you use the stone as much as you want!

For something that you want to use everyday, this is absolutely crucial. Not all pizza stones are made the same, and not all perform equally. If you want a stone that has the most flexibility and durability in what it can do, you can’t go wrong with the Cast Elegance pizza stone. Pick one up today and reach a whole new level of cooking expertise!