Can You Bake Fantastic Gluten-Free Crust on a Pizza Stone?

When it comes to making some divine homemade pizza, gluten-free crust is often overlooked. However, you can still use a pizza stone to make some incredible gluten-free pizza. Although gluten-free crust will cook differently, a pizza stone is still your best friend! Check out the rest of this article to learn how you can make fantastic gluten-free crusts using a pizza stone!

Finding the Right Recipe

One of the most important things for any gluten-free food is using the proper recipe. Many gluten-free foods have poor reputations because of their taste. While is true that some gluten substitutes aren’t very tasty, you can still find a good recipe that doesn’t sacrifice on flavor.

You can find several recipes online, but what works the best is developing your own. What works well in someone else’s kitchen may not work the same in yours. This is why it is helpful to have a recipe to use as guidance.

However you decide to whip up your gluten-free dough, you’ll probably use a combination of the same general ingredients. Many gluten-free recipes use a mixture of gluten-free flours, like garbanzo bean, rice, or even almond flour. This flour mix is then combined with a starch, usually corn or potato, and xanthan gum to help replicate gluten.

Every other aspect of preparing your dough will be the same to preparing traditional gluten dough. You’ll still want to allow the yeast in your dough time to rise, which will go a long way in helping your gluten-free dough become airy. Things start to get trickier once your dough is actually ready.

How Gluten-Free Dough Cooks

It is definitely one thing to prepare some good gluten-free dough, but it’s another altogether to successfully cook it. A lot of this does have to do with the recipe you use, which you won’t realize until after you’ve cooked your pizza. This is why any kind of gluten-free recipe is a process of trial and error.

Even if you manage to perfectly follow a recipe, you might still have issues with how your gluten-free crust turns out. One of the biggest problems with gluten-free pizza is that it can easily take on a gummy texture. The only chewy part of a pizza should be the cheese, so gummy crust can certainly sound unappealing.

If you’ve ever actually worked with gluten-free dough before, then you’ll understand the difference that gluten makes. The biggest visual difference between regular and gluten-free dough is that the regular dough tends to stick together easily, while the gluten-free dough has a harder time of doing so. The ability to hold dough together is the effect gluten has, which can make it tricky when you’re working with gluten free dough.

A pizza is definitely something you want to keep structurally together until you’re ready to slice, so having a fragile crust is definitely cause for concern! This actually impacts the cooking process in two different ways.

The first way you’ll notice this is that you won’t be able to hang or toss your pizza crust. This is because there isn’t any gluten to hold it all together. Instead, you’ll want to stretch your gluten-free crust directly onto a pizza peel or parchment paper. This will make it easier for you to transfer onto the pizza stone, considering that it won’t stay together very well until after it is cooked.

You’ll also notice this when you go to pull your pizza out of the oven. It will likely be fairly thin, considering gluten-free dough has a difficult time developing airy crusts. It will also still be fairly fragile, meaning you’ll need to make sure your pizza peel is entirely underneath it when removing it from the oven.

Once you’ve taken it out of the oven, you’ll be able to tell how it turned out. If it’s too gummy, you might need to consider cooking at a lower temperature. If your crust is really dense and crumbly, you may need to add more water to your recipe and possibly some psyllium husk. Gluten-free cooking is an art form in itself, so don’t get discouraged if it isn’t perfect the first time around.

Adding a Pizza Stone for Better Heat

Coming up with an effective gluten-free recipe and executing it properly is certainly a challenge, but it is worth the hassle if it allows you to consume delicious pizzas once again! One hack you can employ to improve any gluten-free recipe is to use a pizza stone.

Like the clever name suggests, a pizza stone is a piece of material (sometimes a stone) that is used to cook a pizza. It is often round and flat-shaped like a pizza. Pizza stones are inserted directly into an oven or grill to allow the stone to reach the same temperature of the cooking environment.

Once a stone has achieved this, it can apply heat directly to the bottom surface of your pizza. This makes for brilliantly crispy pizza crust that won’t burn, while your toppings are perfectly warmed up above.

A pizza stone is especially useful for gluten-free crust, because an oven often has a difficult time properly cooking it alone. The direct heat of a pizza stone is perfect for gluten-free crusts, as they’ll cook evenly and thoroughly without burning.

A Versatile Pizza Stone for Any Gluten-Free Recipe!

While gluten-free pizza may never fully live up to the glory of a traditional, hand-tossed gluten pizza, you can still find some great value in one if you have a gluten intolerance. Preparing your own gluten-free dough is a matter of trial and error. You’ll likely use some combination of gluten-free flour, starch, and xanthan gum as a starting point, but feel free to use whatever works (and tastes) best!

If you’re planning on making your own gluten-free pizza, then you’ll definitely want to use a pizza stone to make it look and taste better! A pizza stone won’t transform your gluten-free crust into something else, but it’ll definitely make it so you can’t even tell there isn’t gluten in your crust!

Pizza stones are a fantastic cooking tool, but they aren’t all made the same. Some are made of ceramic, while others are made of special mixes of minerals. The Cast Elegance pizza stone makes for some of the most amazing pizza crusts you’ve never tried, even for gluten-free! Cast Elegance pizza stones are designed to make each pizza you craft turn out gorgeous! You’ll never have to order pizza again after picking up a pizza stone!