Does a Pizza Stone Cook Better on a Grill or in the Oven?

When you think about making really tasty pizza that leaves you wanting more after devouring the whole pie, the first thing that should come to mind is a pizza stone! More likely than not, you don’t have a wood-fired brick oven available to use at your convenience. That doesn’t mean you should settle with sub-par homemade pizzas! With the help of a trusty pizza stone, you’ll be on your way to pizza nirvana before you know it! But now comes the question, what should you cook the pizza stone in? Don’t worry, we’ll explain the best cooking method for your pizza stone in the rest of this article!

What Cooking Appliance Do You Use?

Without a doubt, the most commonly used cooking appliance to make pizza is an oven. You probably already know this, but not every oven is the same! Then one you have inside your home or apartment is vastly different from the one found inside a restaurant. Most people have an electric oven in their home, which is fairly decent at providing even heat, but it lacks the direct application that some other cooking methods employ.

Outside of the oven, another popular choice for toasting your pizza is throwing it on the grill (on top of a pizza stone, of course)! A grill is excellent for quickly applying direct heat, which by nature makes it a great companion to a pizza stone. Although pizzas are traditionally baked, a grill can do the job just as well!

When you use a pizza stone in the oven or grill, both cooking environments simulate one found inside a wood-fired brick oven, the best method to cook pizza. Because of this, the quality of the pizza you’ll make on a grill is nearly identical to one made in the oven. The key difference is how each pizza tastes!

Argument for the Oven

The oven is certainly the most convenient way to make use of a pizza stone. Specialized ovens have been built just so you can make delicious pizza, but that doesn’t mean that every oven is very good at doing so. Here’s what you get when you use your pizza stone in the oven:

  • Proper Shape – One thing ovens really have going in their favor is how they’re designed. Ovens are large boxes, which have the perfect dimensions to accommodate wide, round pizzas. A problem with the grill is that some aren’t the correct size to fit a pizza stone, which makes it impractical. Furthermore, most ovens do not use direct flame, which means you won’t get scorch marks or charcoal on your stone.
  • Even Heat – This is something that both methods do well. Because an oven is a contained box, it is very good at keeping heat inside. Most homes are equipped with an electric oven, which provides heat from all sides of the oven. This provides an ideal cooking temperature for pizza, which is made even better with a pizza stone!
  • Easy to Use – Simply put, an oven is very easy to use. You don’t need to fiddle with charcoal or flame. Just place your pizza stone in the oven, preheat it to the temperature you want, and place your pizza inside when it’s ready! There isn’t an easier cooking device to operate than something that requires the pressing of a few buttons!

Argument for the Grill

Even though the oven is the most-common choice for pizza cooking, that doesn’t mean it is the only option! Yes, you can in fact put your grilling set to great use for pizza! The grill offers a similar experience to the oven, but adds a special element that will really make it clear your pizza wasn’t cooked in the oven! Here’s what the grill offers:

  • Easy to Handle – While an oven is easy to use, a grill is a little trickier. You’ll need to keep an eye on your charcoal, or moderate how much gas is being used. What is easy about the grill is how it is to handle. Ovens are often built into the wall and require you to enter to some extent to retrieve your pizza. Grills are far more open, making them less hazardous to take your pizza out!
  • Even Heat – The grill is also good for providing even heat. When you place the lid on a grill, you’re creating a fairly enclosed environment that gets heated rapidly. This spreads evenly across a small area, quicking applying direct heat to your pizza!
  • Unique Smoky Flavor – Without a doubt, this is the best reason to use a grill over an oven. If you’ve ever tasted a chargrilled hamburger, you’d know that it has a unique smoky flavor in comparison to a traditionally-cooked burger. This is because the smoky aspect of a grill seeps into the flavor. This also happens when you cook a pizza, which gives the pizza a truly one-of-a-kind flavor!

The Absolute Best Stone for Any Method

Both the oven and grill become great choices for cooking pizza when you use them in conjunction with a pizza stone! Both create very similar cooking environments, but the distinguishing feature of a grill is the delicious smoky flavor that will be infused into your pizza!

Although some pizza stones can be used on a grill, not all of them are capable of withstanding the harsher temperatures that an open flame can create. The last thing anyone wants when you’re trying to make a slice that leaves your mouth watering is a broken stone! Not only are you out of a pizza, but now you have a mess to clean up too!

Fortunately, there are some exceptional pizza stones on the market that are designed to withstand extreme temperatures like those found in a grill. One of your best options is the Cast Elegance pizza stone, made of ultra-durable Thermarite to provide you with the strongest, toughest stone around! If you’ve never tried cooking your pizza on the grill, then now is the time to try it out for an eye-opening, chargrilled take on pizza!