What Makes Our Cast Elegance Pizza Stone the Best?

Every pizza lover dreams of being able to make authentic, brick oven style pizzas at home! Satisfyingly hot and crispy with your exact choice of toppings, what could be better than perfecting the pizza making art at home? But, to do so, the first thing you’ll need is a quality pizza stone that’s capable of transforming your home oven or grill into a primo pizzeria.

Home ovens and grills simply don’t reach high enough temperatures to make a perfect pizza unless you’re doing it with the help of a pizza stone to soak up the heat and transfer it directly into your pizza crust. This is how a quality pizza stone helps to eliminate uneven hotspots and emulate the ultra-high heat of a professional pizza oven. They’ll also soak up any excess moisture for a soft crust that’s still got that all-important crunch.

So, if you’re on a quest to find the best pizza stone to make a fiery-hot, crispy, brick style pizza at home, read on to find out exactly why the Cast Elegance pizza stone a must-have addition to every pizza lovers kitchen!

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is Engineered to Last

The most common complaint from people who’ve tried cooking on pizza stones at home is that they just don’t last! Although pizza stones may seem strong, they’re usually made from either a clay or ceramic material that’s susceptible to developing hairline fractures that will crack, break or shatter in due time.

If you’re thinking, that’s okay, I’ll treat my pizza stone carefully, that’s a good start! But it’s not just the way you handle your stone that will cause this inevitable damage. Being exposed to a heat that changes too quickly, using a pizza stone that’s still a little wet or preheating your stone without having anything on it are all common things that can cause a pizza stone to break.

So, how is the Cast Elegance pizza stone different?

The Cast Elegance pizza stone is made from a specially formulated material known as Thermarite. Thermarite is a high-density derivative of the mineral cordierite that’s often used in higher-quality pizza stones. However, Thermarite is much more durable than regular cordierite. When it’s manufactured, it’s super-heated to over 2,000°F which drastically improves its strength and ability to handle temperature changes when you’re using it at home.

Therefore, the Cast Elegance pizza stone is capable of handling the heat that’s necessary to keep turning out incredible pizzas without cracking or breaking for years to come.

Suitable for Use in Ovens AND Grills

What a lot of people don’t know is that most pizza stones aren’t designed to be able to withstand the high temperatures your stone needs to be able to endure if you want to use it on the grill or in an outdoor pizza oven. But, how could the best pizza stone be the very best if it wasn’t able to handle all that you’d love to throw at it?

While home-cooked, oven-baked pizza is great, there’s nothing like the taste of a freshly baked pizza that’s got that slightly charred, smoky flavor. Plus, inviting friends and family over for an outdoor pizza party is one of the most fun and easy ways make delicious food on your grill. Simply put out a variety of toppings and get everyone to roll and make their own personalized pizza before cooking it on the grill for them. There’ll be hardly any cleaning up to do either!

But, to be able to use your pizza stone in a gas, wood-fired or charcoal grill or outdoor pizza oven, you’ll need a quality pizza stone that won’t break or shatter when exposed to high heat.

The Thermarite-made Cast Elegance pizza stone is strong enough to be able to handle the extreme temperatures of cooking over direct heat. It’ll even shield your pizza from intense heat that might otherwise results in a burnt crust and not so edible toppings. And through that, your grill stone should remain strong and crack free.

Once you’re done cooking outside, simply bring your Cast Elegance grill stone inside to use it in the oven for a deliciously easy, mid-week dinner.

It Makes the Best Crispy Crust

Every pizza lover knows that crispy but still soft on the inside crust is a must for any pizza to be truly great. And, by using the best pizza stone made by Cast Elegance, you’ll be able to create the perfect crust at home too.

Thermarite offers excellent heat retention and transfer properties. This is what enables it to soak up all the heat from your oven or grill and transfer it straight to your pizza crust. Thermarite is also porous which means that it readily absorbs some of the moisture from your pizza dough so that your entire base is cooked crispy and never left soggy.

Doesn’t Give Off Nasty Smells

If you’ve used other pizza stones before, you might have noticed a burning or chemical smell that gets stronger as you heat and cook with it for the first few times. Although those products may still be food grade, it can’t be good for you or your family to be eating food that’s been tainted with a burnt, toxic smelling odor.

Because the Cast Elegance pizza stone is made with Thermarite, it won’t give off any sort of nasty smell, even when it’s new. It’s something our customers do notice and appreciate, also making it the best pizza stone on the market.

Certified Safe

The majority of the leading pizza stones on the market, haven’t been tested or certified as safe to use by the FDA or any other major regulatory body. And, while you might assume that a particular pizza stone is safe to use because it’s made from a common material like ceramic or cordierite, you don’t know what other harmful chemicals or glazes may have been used during the manufacturing process (and might be the reason for that smell…?).

Obtaining the FDA safety certification alone is a long and difficult process. But, as a company, we believe that it’s well worth the time, effort and expense to gain these accreditations so that you can confidently use this food-safe product with the knowledge that you and your family won’t be ingesting harmful additives.

Expertly Packaged

Most other pizza stones are usually slapped in a box and sent away. However, shipping a pizza stone that hasn’t been properly packaged often causes micro-factures that weaken the stone and shorten its life.

When you buy the best pizza stone by Cast Elegance, you can expect your grill stone to arrive in a beautifully, expertly packaged box. It’ll look like a fresh, hot pizza, delivered to your door but what’s inside will last much longer than just one meal!

The Cast Elegance pizza stone is neatly packaged in protective foam so that it arrives safely in one piece. Inside the box you’ll also find a free deluxe scraper for cleaning along with easy to read instructions on how to use and care for your new premium stone.
Also included in every Cast Elegance pizza stone package is a thank-you card with a personal note from our business owners. This is just one of the small ways that we try to show how important you are as our customer and loyal brand advocate.

If you haven’t been drooling over it already, don’t forget to have a look through the free eBook you were emailed when you purchased your Cast Elegance pizza stone. In it you’ll find our favorite pizza recipes including easy to make bases, delicious sauces and inspiring pizza topping combinations.

Comes Ready to Use

Once you receive your Cast Elegance pizza stone in the mail, the only thing you need to do is unwrap it and break out the pizza ingredients! There’s no need to soak it, heat it for hours in the oven or season it by baking oily cookies on it. Simply rinse it with some plain water WITHOUT detergent and give it a gentle scrub to make sure there’s no leftover residue from manufacturing or shipping. Leave it to dry thoroughly while you’re excitedly trying to decide what to put on your first pizza and then away you go!

It’s Easy to Clean

Life’s better with pizza and that even applies to cleaning up after your pizza feast! Because the surface of the Cast Elegance pizza stone is porous to absorb any moisture away from your crispy crust, you CAN’T use any type of soap, detergent or other cleaners on your stone. This means that you can’t put it in the dishwasher either but, luckily, you won’t have to!

To clean your Cast Elegance pizza stone, simply leave it to cool to room temperature while you enjoy your meal. Then, use the included scraper to gently remove any bits that have baked on to your stone and wipe over it using a clean, dry or slightly damp cloth. Once that’s done, leave it to dry thoroughly before putting your stone away. This helps to ensure that mildew doesn’t start to develop in the porous surface of your pizza stone and is particularly important if you live in a more humid climate.

How easy is that?

If more stubborn residue builds up over time, simply soak your room temperature stone in plain water. This should allow you to gently scrape any resistant food away. If it still can’t all be removed, leave your stone to dry thoroughly before baking at 350°F until anything remaining has burnt off.

Please note that your stone will become discolored and stained with use. This is normal and won’t affect the performance of your stone. It simply shows that you’re in agreement with us that the Cast Elegance stone is the best pizza stone available and you know how to make some pretty great food with it!

Comes With a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase your own Cast Elegance pizza stone, it comes with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. This means that if you’re at all unhappy with any part of our product, just get in touch with us!

Our friendly team are dedicated to making sure that we exceed your expectations, not only by providing you with the best pizza stone, but also by quickly addressing any potential problems you have with using your new stone.

If after trying to find a suitable solution, you’re still not satisfied with our product, we’ll happily refund your money.

Only the best products on the market can confidently offer this kind of industry leading 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s how we stand by our claim that we produce the best pizza stone to make your home oven or grill work like a stone pizzeria oven from the old country.

You’ll Be Able to Create Your Own Brick Oven Results at Home

With the market’s best pizza stone made by Cast Elegance, you’ll be able to make unbelievably delicious, authentic pizzas in the comfort of your own home.

Forget soggy crusts that aren’t quite cooked and a burnt base with cheese that’s still not melted! The Cast Elegance pizza stone has been uniquely designed to create brick oven results at home with your existing oven or grill.

The unique Thermarite technology in Cast Elegance’s stone clearly makes it the best pizza stone on the market. With superior heat retention and transfer, moisture absorbing capabilities and the strength to handle the high-heat conditions of your gas, charcoal or wood-fired grill, you’ll have your guests fooled that you haven’t just pulled that pizza straight out of a brick oven!

But, don’t just take our word for it, with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t grab your own Cast Elegance pizza stone and be feasting away on your own home-made, professional-quality pizza.