What to Do with a Cracked Pizza Stone?

Have you ever been excited to bake a delicious homemade pizza, only to have your pizza stone crack before you can cook one? If you have, then you certainly aren’t alone! Pizza stones are a unique tool that can break easily if they’re poorly constructed or improperly used. If you already have a pizza stone, you might be wondering if it is still salvageable. We’ll cover that in the rest of this article!

Pizza Stones Require Special Care

Even though a pizza stone might seem like a pretty tough piece of material, it is actually fairly fragile. After receiving a brand new pizza stone, your first instinct might be to preheat your oven and assemble the pizza right on the stone while you wait. Unfortunately, doing this will likely result in a cracked stone.

In order to properly use a pizza stone, you actually need to heat it up at the same time as your oven. This will allow it to gradually heat up, rather than abruptly shift temperatures. It isn’t the heat that causes your stone to crack, but instead the harsh temperature change that does it.

Making sure to heat up your oven and stone at the same time will go a long way to prevent this from happening.

Dealing With a Cracked Stone

While it is helpful to know how to prevent a cracked pizza stone in the future, that won’t help you if you already have a broken one on your hands. You might think a cracked pizza stone can no longer be used, but don’t rush to throw it away just yet!

If your pizza stone just cracked, the first thing you want to do is leave it alone until it cools down. You don’t want to compound a cracked stone with a burnt hand! After a couple of hours, your pizza stone will be safe for handling so you can assess the damage.

Depending upon the condition of the stone, what you decide to do next might differ. If the stone just cracked on the edge, it might not be something to worry about. If it completely broke down the middle, that’s a more severe crack that might need repair unless the stone still functions.

Can You Repair It?

If you’re dead set on restoring your pizza stone to its original, whole shape, you might want to consider repairing it. You might wonder how you’d go about repairing a stone, but the answer is as simple as reattaching all of the pieces. As long as the crack was fairly clean, your stone pieces should still align well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when repairing a cracked pizza stone:

  • Safe Glue – Considering that your pizza stone will still be used to hold and cook your pizzas, you’ll want to make sure you pick an adhesive that is safe for accidental consumption. Picking a toxic adhesive may hold your pizza stone together pretty well, but is sure to make you sick afterwards!
  • Temperature-Resistant Glue – On top of being safe for consumption, you’ll also need to find an adhesive that is capable of withstanding really hot temperatures. Remember that your adhesive not only needs to keep your cracked pizza stone pieces together, but it also needs to do that while under duress in the oven! Most modern ovens won’t even reach 600°F, so anything that can last in temperatures around that range should work.
  • Reduced Performance – The unfortunate reality of a cracked pizza stone is that it just won’t work the same as an undamaged one, even if you repair it. Once you break the foundational structure of the stone, it is no longer able to retain heat as effectively as it once was. When you use an adhesive to reattach a stone, that means that there is now an adhesive barrier between all the pieces of your pizza stone, which will also reduce thermal conductivity.

Can It Still Be Used?

While you can repair a pizza stone, you don’t necessarily need to if you want to continue using it. Most times you’ll find that your pizza stone cracked nicely enough that you can still push the pieces together to resemble the same shape. Believe it or not, you can actually still cook on a cracked pizza stone, it just won’t work as well as a pristine stone!

Here are some things to remember if you want to keep using a cracked pizza stone:

  • Mess Prone – One of the biggest problems with using a cracked stone is that it is extremely mess prone. Cracked stones don’t have the luxury of being stuck together, which means that you can accidentally shift individual pieces when trying to deposit or remove a pizza. This can easily lead to part of your pizza falling to the bottom of the oven, what a tragedy!
  • Uneven Cook – Another issue with using a cracked pizza stone is that it will provide an uneven cook. While your pieces might still fit together nicely, they don’t fit together exactly. You’re missing all the crucial contact points that allow heat to flow throughout the pizza stone. Pieces of your pizza stone may also be different sizes, which can make each piece have a slightly different rate of cooking.
  • Not Flat – The actual surface of the stone might also no longer be perfectly flat, which can also lead to an uneven cook. When your pizza stone isn’t it flat, it also becomes difficult to take off when it is finished cooking. Pizza peels no longer easily slide on the top of a cracked pizza stone, which can make removal tricky.

An Ultra-Tough Stone That Won’t Crack!

Dealing with a cracked pizza stone is nothing other than a hassle. If you end up with a cracked pizza stone, your best option is always to replace it because the performance and pizza quality won’t be the same. You can push the pieces together and use it cracked, or even use an adhesive to repair it if you’re really determined.

Unfortunately, once a stone cracks, it is no longer able to retain heat the same way. The ability to apply hot, direct heat right to the bottom of a pizza is what makes a pizza stone so effective. When you reduce that capability, the overall resulting product suffers as a result. So you can opt to repair or use your cracked pizza stone, but you might be disappointed with your craft.

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