Have you ever wondered whether you can use a homemade pizza stone? Pizza stones are one of the best cooking tools you can use to craft delicious homemade pizzas. But is there a do-it-yourself way of making a pizza stone, and is it actually effective? Check out the rest of this article to learn the secrets for yourself!

Are Pizza Stones Necessary?

If you’ve never heard of a pizza stone before, then you probably haven’t had much success crafting your own pizzas. That’s not a fault of your own. Imagine trying to mow your lawn with a manual push mower. It definitely works, but it will take a long time to finish the job and the end result will probably be pretty sloppy. If that doesn’t perfectly describe trying to cook a pizza without a pizza stone, then nothing else will! 

Pizza stones are actually very simple tools. They are basically a nice chunk of rock or other material. There’s no fancy electronic equipment here, just a plain stone. You’re probably wondering how a stone can help in cooking a pizza. To understand that, you’ll need to know how to properly use a pizza stone. This requires you to actually heat it up to the same temperature as your oven.

The best way to do this is by placing a cold stone into a cold oven, and letting the stone heat while you preheat the oven for cooking. When the stone reaches the same temperature of your oven, it transfers and concentrates all that heat into the stone. Rather than being cooked just by the air, a pizza stone also cooks the pizza by applying the direct heat it has built up. 

Great pizza stones will also be porous. This is an important feature because it allows the stone to absorb moisture from your pizza crust. You want this because it will prevent a soggy crust while also creating a perfectly crispy, golden-brown crust every time! Once you’ve tasted the difference from cooking with a pizza stone, you’ll never want to go back to cooking pizza on a pan!

Making and Using a Homemade Stone

There’s no question that a pizza stone makes tastier and far more appealing pies. If you’re interested in trying out a stone but don’t want to make a full commitment, you can dip a toe in by making your own pizza stone! A homemade pizza stone probably won’t ever taste as good as a real one, but you can’t beat the value for the price!

If you want to try your own homemade pizza stone, then all you need is a trip to your local hardware store. Home Depot is generally your best option, not always the first store you think of when purchasing cooking equipment! What you want to purchase are quarry tiles, more specifically, unglazed quarry tiles.

The unglazed feature is very important here because glazed tile contains a poisonous material – lead. The last thing you want when trying to make a delicious pizza is to poison yourself! Fortunately, you shouldn’t have an issue finding unglazed quarry tiles. They are generally red in color. Try to select tiles that are made only with clay and similar materials, but avoid concrete altogether.

You’ll notice a variety of dimensions and thicknesses. Your best options are here are either one 11”x11” tile, or four 6”x6” tiles that you can push together to form a 12” square. Regardless of whichever you choose, you’ll want to pick ones with a thickness of at least a half-inch, but you’ll have better results with a 1” thick tile. Your cost will vary depending on quality, size, and number, but you can easily pick tiles up for less than $10 total.

Once you’ve got all your tiles, you’ll need to give them a thorough washing! Cleaning a homemade stone is no different from an actual pizza stone, meaning you’ll want to avoid soap. After a thorough rinse, you’ll need to let it dry completely. This will prevent it from cracking when you go to heat it up. After it dries, your stone is ready to use like any other pizza stone!

Quality and Material Makes All the Difference

You absolutely can use a homemade pizza stone, but it just won’t taste as good as a pizza made on a high quality pizza stone. As with most inexpensive objects in life, the materials used for construction and the quality make all the difference. This is why a push mower will never work as well as an electric mower and why a homemade stone just doesn’t stack up to a good pizza stone. 

Actual pizza stones are made in a variety of materials. Typically the materials used to construct a pizza stone determine the quality, as different materials work better than others, while others are more durable. Most pizza stones are made from clay, ceramic, or marble, but a better choice is a tough material known as cordierite. 

Cordierite is an extremely tough mineral found in all brick ovens. This is important because pizza stones are actually designed to simulate the environment of a brick oven. When you consider this, any type of cordierite stone will generally last you years while yielding a yummy pizza every time you cook!

The Strongest Pizza Stone That Will Never Let You Down!

If you want to make and use your own pizza stone, you can definitely do that with unglazed quarry tiles. Make sure they are at least half an inch thick and made of clay or similar materials. Remember to rinse your tiles well and let them fully dry before use! 

Homemade pizza stones are serviceable, but they’re really a filler for the real thing. If you try a homemade pizza stone and like what you taste, then just imagine how much better that could be with a tool designed for the job? Opting to use an actual pizza stone is your best choice every time, and is well worth the small initial investment you’ll make for a future of perfect pizza!

The best stone you can use is a cordierite stone, but Cast Elegance has taken it a step further by formulating their own version, resulting in a Thermarite pizza stone. Thermarite is even stronger than cordierite allowing it to withstand more abuse and last longer! If you want a pizza stone that will forever change how you view pizza, pick up a Cast Elegance pizza stone today!