If you really consider yourself a cheese lover, then you know that no pizza is complete without stuffed crust. The best part about making your own homemade pizza is that you can guarantee stuffed crust every time! You’ll want to use a high-quality pizza stone to allow your pizza to cook evenly, producing a beautiful and delicious meal that’s sure to please. Check out the rest of this article to learn how you can make your own exquisite stuffed crust pizza!

What is a Stuffed Crust?

First of all, if you’re sitting here wondering what a crust is stuffed with, then we’ve got the answer! While you probably could stuff a crust with anything, there’s nothing better suited for the job than something already found on the pizza.

For the best stuffed crust, you’ll definitely want to use cheese!

Cheese is a naturally perfect choice for a few reasons. Since cheese is already a main ingredient in pizza, you know that it already goes well with your pie. Cheese also serves as a slight adhesive as it melts, which can help your crust keep a rolled shape. And honestly, who wouldn’t say yes to more cheese?

While stuffed crust might seem as simple as inserting some shredded cheese into the crust of your pizza before baking, it goes much deeper than that. If you’ve ever tried doing just that, then you’ve noticed how underwhelming of a crust that creates.

To make a really delicious stuffed crust, you quite literally need to stuff your crust full of cheese!

Making the Ultimate Stuffed Crust

That’s right, stuffed crust is all about packing as much cheese as you can into the narrow space of the crust! You’ve probably thought about using shredded cheese for stuffed crust before, but the problem with that is that shredded cheese shrinks significantly when it melts.

What ends up happening is that you think there’s more cheese in your crust than there actually is. This is nothing short of disappointing, especially when you expected a whole mouthful of melted cheese! When you want really good stuffed crust, you just can’t use shredded cheese.

This means that the best cheese you can use will come straight from the block. You can stay authentic and carve off several thick tubular slices to line your crust with, or you can use a much easier method.

It might seem a little weird at first, but string cheese actually makes for some of the best stuffed crust!

You’re able to use string cheese because it’s usually made with mozzarella, which is the staple cheese for pizza. String cheese is much quicker to use because it is already the perfect size and shape to roll into your crust.

All you need to do is keep adding links of string cheese until you’ve gone all away around the circumference of your pizza. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

Once your pizza finishes cooking, you’ll discover that you have a amazing pie with a giant bite of cheese in every bit of crust! The string cheese is the perfect density and size to provide just the right amount of cheese all around. Plus with the added flavors of your pizza, you won’t even know that it is string cheese!

Cooking with a Pizza Stone

Using string cheese is just one part of making some amazing stuffed crust. What you really need for gourmet pizza that tastes even better than a restaurant is a pizza stone. If you’ve never heard of a pizza stone before, it is actually a fairly basic tool that has plenty of versatility.

Most pizza stones are a slab of material, usually ceramic or other mineral mixes. These stones go directly inside your oven or grill, and slowly heat up to the same temperature of the cooking environment. This means that pizza stones get really hot, which is perfect for baking pizza.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see an authentic pizza kitchen, then you’ll discover that they use a wood-fired brick oven. This oven was specifically designed to get extremely hot, which makes it perfect for cooking things like bread and pizza.

Pizza in particular benefits from being cooked at quite a high temperature, often higher than a traditional electric oven will go.

While a pizza stone won’t reach the ultra-hot temperatures of a wood-fired brick oven, it will simulate the environment. It does this by directly applying the heat of your oven (or grill) to the surface of your pizza. This means that it isn’t just the hot air cooking your pizza, but also the stone underneath it.

This combination allows for a quick cook time, but it also allows for the pizza to cook evenly.

Relying just on the hot air often makes for an uneven cook. Most pizza stones are also porous, meaning that they have dozens of tiny holes scattered across the surface. These are there on purpose, as they actually help to draw moisture out of your crust as it cooks.

This in particular is helpful for stuffed crust, as moisture can make it difficult for your cheese to properly melt. That’s why there’s simply no better way to bake a pizza then on top of a pizza stone!

The Best Pizza Stone for Stuffed Crust

By now you should be craving some stringy stuffed crust! You can certainly stuff your crust with whatever cheese you’d like, but you can always use string cheese for an easy and delicious shortcut. String cheese is just the perfect size to fit snugly into your pizza crust!

While you might not be able to build your own wood-fired brick oven, you can get pretty close to that same delicious flavor by using a pizza stone! Pizza stones are great for matching the temperature of your oven and applying that heat right to your pizza. This makes for perfectly crispy crust with gorgeously cooked toppings.

If you don’t have a pizza stone yet, then you’re depriving yourself of pizza nirvana! There’s no better way to make your own homemade stuffed crust pizza than with a pizza stone. Because the quality and material of your pizza stone matter, you want one that’s built to last. The Cast Elegance pizza stone fits that description perfectly, made of Thermarite to withstand more use and abuse than any other pizza stone on the market! Pick one up today to elevate your pizza crafting game!