Scrumptious pizzas come in all different flavor and appearance varieties! The colors of red, white, and yellow are staples of many pizzas, but that doesn’t mean that pizzas made with different sauces and colors don’t still taste great! Pizza sauce is almost as variable as pizza itself! This article will tell you all about the different kinds of pizza sauce and what makes them individually fantastic!

You’ve Got a Lot of Choices

The color of your pizza sauce definitely matters, because it’s a sign that you’re using a different flavored sauce. While a tomato-based red sauce is certainly the standard, there are many alternative takes on the traditional recipe.

Pizza sauce is often overlooked when people think about pizza, mainly because toppings are overwhelming and it is fairly obvious when the crust is bad. Sauce is easier to forget about, which does make it easier to hide when you choose the wrong kind. But if you do carefully select the right sauce for your pizza toppings, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much it improves the overall taste!

Tried and True Sauces

You could probably find any sauce in the world and put it on a pizza. That doesn’t mean the pizza is going to taste very good, but you can probably find some toppings to make it work. Rather than making the sauce passable, find a sauce that actually adds to the flavor or your pizza!

The sauces in the rest of this article are tried and true. They’ve been used on pizzas for decades and are fairly easy to find at restaurants. Here are some of the most popular pizza sauces:

Red Sauces

When you think of pizza, a red tomato sauce is usually the very first sauce that comes to mind. It’s very simple, and pairs perfectly with mozzarella cheese and a huge array of toppings that many people choose to eat. It is pretty hard to go wrong with a red tomato sauce, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make is opting for a red sauce with a seafood pizza. Definitely not the best combo.

Red sauces are typically made of tomatoes and infused with delicious herbs and spices. It has a good balance between being fairly thick, but also watery enough to spread across a pizza.

White Sauces

The next most popular pizza sauce is the white sauce variety. Many white sauces use some sort of butter, flour, and cream base, which gives any white sauce a rich and fuller flavor. It is a bit harder to hide a white sauce because it does have a stronger flavor.

Because of the richness of a white sauce, it doesn’t work very well with more-filling toppings like red meats. A white sauce is full by itself, which clashes with meats like pepperoni and sausage. This is a big reason why many seafood pizzas are made with white sauces. Seafood is often a lighter meat, which creates a perfectly balanced pizza.

Green Sauces

Another popular choice of pizza sauce (particularly amongst healthier eaters) is a green variety! Most green sauces use pesto and basil, which creates a very distinguishable flavor. This is a great reason to avoid using green sauces with prominent ingredients that also have strong flavors, like red meats.

The best way to use a green sauce is by including toppings that are primarily vegetables. Slices of tomato, spinach, or even broccoli work great with a pesto pizza! Another key difference of pizzas made with green sauce is how you use cheese. For a pesto pizza, you’ll want to use whole mozzarella slices rather than shredded. This allows you to differentiate between enjoying the pesto and enjoying the mozzarella in separate bites.

Non-Traditional Sauces

Red tomato, white cream, and green pesto sauces are the most common varieties you’ll find on pizzas. There are also some specialty pizzas that are made using pre-made sauces. This doesn’t mean pizza sauce you’ll find in a jar, but instead sauces that are created for a different purpose entirely. Here are some of the more-interesting pre-made sauce choices:

  • BBQ – Barbecue sauce is probably the least weird choice here. You won’t find many barbecue pizzas around, but barbecue chicken pizza is a staple you can find almost anywhere. The combination of chicken, barbecue sauce, and onions is a perfect way to represent BBQ flavor.
  • Ranch – Ranch has always been a popular choice to dip your pizza into, but using it as a base sauce for the whole pie? Ranch is a popular choice to dip vegetables into as well, which makes a ranch pizza perfect for slather vegetables onto!
  • Hummus – The chickpea mixture known as hummus is also an option for pizza sauce. Because hummus is generally fairly thick, it does change the texture of your pie. It is an excellent way of getting protein without using meat and just begs for the addition of vegetables.
  • Salsa – Salsa isn’t really that weird, and it is also the closest relative to traditional red tomato sauce. What salsa really works great for is Mexican Pizza! You can make a pizza that tastes just like a taco by adding ground beef, cheese and beans to your salsa. Don’t forget the sour cream and guac after it finishes baking!

Sauce Up Your Cooking Equipment!

Regardless of what kind of pizza you have in mind, you need to pick a sauce that really pairs well with the rest of your ingredients. This might not always be obvious, but plenty of practice will help you understand what sauce works best for each of your pizzas!

The three most common sauces are a red, white, or green variety, but you can also certainly use pre-made sauces like barbecue, ranch, hummus, and even salsa! Pizza is infinitely versatile, so don’t be afraid to mix things up and try new combinations!

After you’ve decided on a sauce and ingredients, you want to make sure you’re cooking your freshly-sauced pizza in the most optimal way possible. You can do this by using a pizza stone! A pizza stone is designed to simulate a wood-fired brick oven, which is perfect for cooking pizzas! A pizza stone will produce perfectly-baked pizzas with gorgeous, golden-brown crust!

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