When it comes to creating the perfect pizza, a pizza stone offers plenty of advantages if you choose the right one. With so many styles and brands on the market, it is a good idea to explore your options when it comes to selecting a grill stone for your favorite pizza pie. We have done some of the work for you and looked at the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone to see if it is worth its investment as a pizza grill stone.

Oven Baking, But No Grilling

The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone bills its pizza stone for use in making frozen or homemade pizzas in your oven. This pizza stone cannot be used on the grill or with the broiler as it will crack from the direct heat. So, if you are looking to make pizza in the oven, the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is an alternative to a regular pizza pan, but not an option for your grill.

Pampered Chef offers a variety of sizes and styles of its pizza stone which is important to consider when making your pizza. It is suggested that you buy the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone that most closely matches the size of pizza that you plan to cook. Make sure to measure your oven to ensure that the pizza stone you are planning on buying will fit. Many ovens racks have an incline in the back that will interfere with some of the larger pizza stones. Most ovens will fit a 14 inch pizza stone but many will not fit a 16 inch stone.

The styles of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone vary as mentioned with sizes ranging from 8.5 to 15 inches in diameter. Some of the models offered by the company come with a convenient handle that can make it easier to get your pizza in and out of the oven. But again, you will not be able to enjoy that authentic grilled pizza flavor from this pizza stone because the heat from your grill is too hot for the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone to handle without breakage.

Clay Construction

The construction of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone uses clay. This helps to retain heat when cooking but is not the best material for heat or moisture absorption. More modern and advanced types of pizza stones use blends of the natural mineral cordierite to accomplish crispier crusts. This pizza stone does not state that it is FDA or EU certified food safe but does come with a three-year guarantee.

Because the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is made of clay, it must not be preheated before being placed in the oven. The instructions from Pampered Chef indicate that you should avoid subjecting the stone to extreme temperature changes. At least two-thirds of the stoneware surface should be covered with food to avoid thermal shock. Always evenly distribute food over the stoneware surface; avoid clustering foods. Do not place dense, frozen food items (chicken breasts, pot pies, roasts or chops) on stoneware. Always thaw dense, frozen food in the refrigerator prior to baking. Do not place any other pan or rack on top of the stone while baking.

The clay of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is good at retaining heat to create an evenly cooked pizza in your oven, but it doesn’t offer the durability and convenience that other pizza stones or grill stones offer. There are many rules to follow to keep the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone pristine and avoid the potential of cracking. One false move and your Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is no longer usable, wasting your time and money on a product that just doesn’t perform.

The clay surface of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone does help somewhat to create a crispy crust with a chewy center on most pizzas as the clay is an adequate material for wicking moisture from the dough. Keep in mind that the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone cannot be used with a top burner or any other types of direct heat sources such as a grill or a broiler.

Seasoning and Maintenance

The clay of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is unglazed and becomes seasoned over time. The more you use your Pampered Chef Pizza Stone, the more it will turn a golden brown. While this is what you are trying to achieve with a pizza stone, to get to this stage may take some time.

The seasoning of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone does produce a semi nonstick surface on the pizza stone that makes it easy to remove pizza and other foods. Initially, your pizza may stick until the stone becomes more conditioned and builds up a layer of seasoning.

Because the clay surface of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is porous, it takes on flavors of other foods that you cook on it and can give off odors as you bake. These flavors and odors become trapped in the pizza stone and mix with other foods that you bake on it, so potentially your pizza could taste like fish if that is the last thing you cooked.

The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone does come ready for use the moment that you purchase it, allowing you to use it immediately out of the package. It does not have to be soaked for use or undergo any preparation prior to cooking. To maintain its appearance and function, you just need to soak it with water, scrape it and dry it with a towel.

The Verdict of The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

Using the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone will produce a pizza in your oven that is prepared to your liking in most instances. However, it is quite disappointing that this pizza stone cannot be used on the grill or any surface with direct heat. This defeats the purpose of creating an authentic brick oven pizza at home.

Lingering Flavors

Simply replacing your standard pizza pan with the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is an underwhelming experience and does not provide that true pizza flavor you are seeking. If you use this pizza stone for cooking other foods in your oven, you may notice lingering flavors and odors that can be unappealing when you are baking your pizza.


The potential for cracking the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone is quite great as a simple mistake in the instructions could render it useless. Failing to preheat the stone in your oven or cooking a dense frozen food in the center can cause the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone to crack and break.

Uneven Heat Distribution

With clay as the main conductor of the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone, it does retain heat, but many have reported that it does so unevenly. This may have to do with the organic way the pizza stone seasons. You will notice the seasoning does not occur in a uniform pattern.

There are many drawbacks to investing in the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone with the primary one being you can’t use it on the grill or any direct heat source. This pizza stone just can’t stand up to the heat and isn’t as durable or a safe choice for a pizza grill stone.

The Right Choice in Pizza Grill Stones

If you are looking for a pizza grill stone that you can use on direct heat such as your grill without limitations on its use, turn to the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. This grill stone is highly durable and can be placed directly on your grill for a quick and even cook without the potential of cracking.

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Durable Construction You Can Count On

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is constructed of Thermarite. This heavy-duty material retains heat longer, allowing you to get that crisp pizza crust you are looking for without charring or uneven cooking. Your pizza toppings will also benefit from the Thermarite material as it radiates heat through your entire pizza when cooked on the grill for an authentic tasting pizza every single time.

The best part of the Thermarite is its amazing ability to go from hot to cold or even cold to hot temperatures without worrying about cracking or breakage. It can handle the direct heat of your grill without preheating and can be removed from the heat without cooling as necessary. You can also place cold ingredients right on its hot surface without any damage to the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone’s structure.

Thanks to the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone’s ability to go directly on the heat, you don’t have to worry about cracking the stone no matter how you use it. This allows you to cook multiple pizzas faster and to start enjoying that delicious pizza taste you have been salivating over as you cook. It also will withstand very high temperatures and can be used on any direct heat source without any cracking occurring.

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone gives you that authentic brick oven pizza taste that is chewy on the inside and light and crispy on the outside. It is perfect for use with your grill and will give you plenty of enjoyment at your home as you perfect your pizza grilling skills and produce quality grilled pizza pies over and over again.

Safe for Your Whole Family

Unlike many grill pizza stones, the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone has been tested to be safe to use for you and your family. It is one of the only grill stones that is certified safe by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the European Union. This ensures you are not dealing with chemicals or additives from the stone when you are making fresh homemade pizza in the comfort of your backyard.

You also don’t have to worry about odors from the stone from the manufacturing process. The stone is made from the highest quality and purest minerals available on the market. You won’t even notice any foul chemical smells when you initially use your Cast Elegance Pizza Stone as it comes ready to use and seasoned right out of the package. You won’t have to wait to use this pizza grill stone, and you won’t have an issue from cracking by forgetting to presoak or wash the surface – it is all not necessary.

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone does not need special handling instructions as it is ready for use the moment you purchase it, making it easier than ever to start grilling your pizza. We know that you are excited when you purchase a grill stone for pizzas and will want to use it straight away. The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone makes it simple to start enjoying pizza without the wait or preparation to get started.

Priced Just Right

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is the ideal pizza grill stone for the price. It is durable and priced less than many grill stones that are on the market. With the amazing durability of Thermarite and because it is so convenient and easy to use, you can’t go wrong investing in this pizza grill stone.

You’ll save money with the longevity that you receive with this grill stone as you never have to worry about cracks or breakage. You can’t damage this grill stone, and it will hold up to many homemade pizzas made directly on the high heat of your grill.

When you are looking for a pizza grill stone that you can use on your grill without having to follow complex instructions, choose the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. You’ll be enjoying plenty of delicious grilled pizzas with your entire family in no time. Because this grill stone heats quickly you can make individual pizzas for every member of your family or for an entire pizza party without being a slave to your grill or oven.

It doesn’t get any easier than the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone as this grill stone is fail-proof as you can simply place it on your grill – hot or cold- add your ingredients and get grilling a classic pizza pie. You don’t have to wait for it to cool down to remove from your grill, making clean up a breeze. There is no need to add oil or flavoring to get it seasoned. And, a simple cleaning is all that is needed after each grilling session.

True Brick Oven Pizza

Your family will enjoy eating that true brick oven pizza when grilled on the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. This grill stone has all the advantages you are looking for in a grill stone without the drawback that many pizza grill stones have. No cracking, no breakage, and no worries. It’s easy to use and start enjoying scrumptious pizza with your family with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone.

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