At one point or another, you’ve probably tried to make your own homemade pizza. It is a tradition as old as the food itself! Unfortunately, most homemade pizzas don’t quite stack up to the quality and flavor of gourmet pies made in restaurants. Here are 5 of the silliest (and simple to fix) errors made during the pizza creation process!

Soggy and Floppy Crust

Many argue over which part of a pizza is the best, but it certainly is much harder to argue about which part of the pizza is most important. That distinction belongs to the crust. Without a strong, well-made pizza crust, your ingredients will be missing a sturdy base to rest.

Without a sturdy base from a quality crust, the pizza will struggle to stay together, and you’ll have a hard time holding onto a slice! A solid rule for pizza crust is that it should be strong enough to retain its shape when held as a slice. If it is too soggy and starts to flop, you’ll probably need a fork and knife to eat it, and who wants to eat their pizza with utensils?

Much of this has to do with how much moisture there is inside your dough, but this can be limited if you cook on top of a pizza stone. The natural, porous design of many pizza stones will absorb moisture from the crust as your pizza cooks, which will produce a nice and firm, crispy crust!

Picking an Uncomplimentary Sauce and Topping Combo

There are quite literally hundreds of different pizza flavor combinations you could try. The great thing about pizza is that it is one of the most versatile foods in the entire world. Delicious and filling savory pizzas? Check. Irresistibly sweet and warm dessert pizzas? You better believe it!

No matter what kind of food preference you have, you could honestly turn it into a pizza! All you really need is sauce, cheese, and toppings! Cheese is always optional, but any savory pie made without it is sure to be a little disappointing! With that in mind, you absolutely can pick a combination of sauce and toppings that simply doesn’t work.

Every wonder why chicken and onions are generally the only toppings added to a BBQ pizza? What about spinach and mozzarella on a pesto pizza? This is because every sauce and topping you use has a unique flavor profile.

Professional chefs around the world understand this well and use their knowledge to carefully craft delicious meals where each ingredient compliments the other. This is something that takes several years of work and research to cultivate, but you can apply basic elements to your own pizzas! Before you cook any unique pizza sauce and topping combination, taste the ingredients together beforehand to see if they work or clash!

Ingredient Overload

If you really love pizza, then you know that the toppings are where it’s at! They say spice is the variety of life, but toppings are the variety of pizza! Gourmet pizzas are fantastic and delicious, but sometimes they just don’t have enough pepperoni. Maybe they’re really skimping on the mushrooms.

Whenever you have toppings that you really love, you’ll want to pile on as much of it as possible onto your pizza. In theory it is pretty simple – if you want to enjoy it more, have more of it available to eat! On paper that is an excellent idea, but that can certainly turn into disaster if you have too many ingredients you’re passionate about.

If you have more ingredients than your crust can handle, your pizza will fall apart. You’ll have too many toppings to keep stuck onto the crust, and they’ll simply slide right off. You can even run into problems where you have colder ingredients in the center of your pie while the crust is perfect and ready to eat.

The best way to learn the right ratio is through practice. You want to have a sturdy crust, but you want it to match the thickness that suits your crust preferences. If you want thin crust, this means you’ll have to settle with fewer toppings, so be careful with your selection! For fuller crusts, you have a little more wiggle room, but remember not to go crazy!

Cooking at a Low Temperature

If you didn’t know already, the temperature that you actually cook your pizza at absolutely matters. Ever wonder why there are ovens designed for the sole purpose of baking pizza? This is because pizza cooks best when it is cooked at super hot temperatures.

Opting to cook your pizza at a lower temperature prevents you from reaching your pizza’s full potential. A lower temperature won’t allow your ingredients to get that incredible golden-brown toasting at the same time as your crust becomes perfectly crispy. Instead, you’ll often run into problems with a finished crust and uncooked toppings.

To easily remedy this, make sure you cook your pizzas at a minimum of 500°F. Many wood-fired brick pizza ovens can reach temperatures in excess of 700°F, which really does produce a great pizza in lightning-fast time. This isn’t essential for your pizza, but would lead to better results. Most kitchens are equipped with an electric oven, so 500°F is your best bet.

The Secret for Perfect Pizza Every Time

When it comes to making pizza, there are certainly costly errors you can make that will ruin the quality and flavor of your pie. If you take the time to understand why they happen and plan carefully to avoid them in the future, you can easily elevate the flavor and quality of your homemade pizzas.

In addition to careful preparation, the biggest secret to producing some of the most amazing pizzas you’ve ever made is the use of a pizza stone. Pizza stones are thin slabs of material that match the temperature of your oven or grill. They then apply this heat directly to the bottom of your pizza, creating a sensationally crispy crust.

The best pizza stones are also porous, which will absorb any moisture present in your crust. A pizza stone is undoubtedly the best way to cook any pizza. Once you try a pizza made with a pizza stone, you’ll never go back to cooking your pizza on a pan!

An excellent choice for pizza stones is one of the Cast Elegance pizza stones. They’ve been manufactured for maximum durability and pizza enjoyment! Conveniently available in three different options, you’re sure to find a pizza stone to help make unbelievable pizzas in your own home!