If you dream in pizza, then you know there’s no better smell than slowly-melting cheese as it gradually caramelizes into a gorgeous golden-brown masterpiece. You know exactly what ingredients make the perfect slice and you’ve already got your secret weapon handy, – the pizza stone. But if you really want to become a pizza aficionado, you’ll need some pizza stone accessories to simplify the entire process!

Pizza Stone or No Pizza at All!

The first thing you’ll need when it comes making any pizza is a high-quality pizza stone. Pizza stones are round or square slabs of material, often minerals or metal. These slabs are great at absorbing and retaining heat, and many are also covered in tiny, porous holes. This unique combination of shape, material make-up, and porous designs leads to a tool that is excellent for baking crispy pizzas.

A pizza stone is most effective when it is used properly. This involves careful preparation, which starts with heating the stone slowly to ensure it doesn’t crack. The best way of doing this is to stick it in your oven as it preheats. When you do this, it causes the stone to achieve the same overall temperature of your oven, but the heat is directly concentrated into the stone itself.

This heat retention allows the stone to cook your pizza very quickly by directly applying that heat to the entire bottom surface of your pizza. The tiny holes on the surface of the stone now come into play, as they’ll slowly absorb the moisture that forms within your crust. This creates a wonderfully crispy crust while also preventing your toppings from overcooking.

Pizza stones are wonderful creations, but one of the issues you might encounter is trying to figure out how to get your pizza off the stone once it’s finished. The stone will still stay piping -hot for hours, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait to dig into your pie! All you need are a few extra accessories that are designed with pizza stones in mind! These pizza stone accessories will save you time and will make baking a pizza super easy!

Pizza Stone Accessories

Now that you know you need some accessories for your pizza stone, we’ll tell you just what they are and how they’ll help you. Here’s some of the most important accessories to use with any pizza stone:

  • Pizza Peel – Hands down, this is the most important accessory you can use with a pizza stone, and it should probably be more of a requirement than an add-on. You’re probably seen a pizza peel before, but didn’t know what it was called. A pizza peel looks a lot like a paddle, with a thin handle and a very wide, square-shaped paddle end. This is used to peel the pizza off the stone while it’s still hot. The peel can be made of metal or wood and will often go directly into the oven to snag your pie.
  • Rocking Pizza Cutter – You might already have some form of pizza slicer, but does it really work that well? Chances are, it doesn’t cut slices effectively, and is a giant hassle to clean up afterwards. Don’t even start with rolling slicers that love to be coated in sauce. If you really want to make some perfect slices, then you need a rocking pizza cutter. This differs from your traditional rolling slicer with a handle. A rocking pizza cutter is an elongated blade with an edge with which you use a rocking motion to carve slices. It’s far more effective than a roller (and easier to sharpen), and doesn’t have any nooks and crannies for pizza sauce to hide in.
  • Long-Handled Pizza Brush – Hopefully, you’ve never washed your pizza stone with soap. If you did, you certainly would have tasted it by now. Acquiring a long-handled pizza brush effectively accomplishes two things. First, it gives you a proper tool to scrape your pizza stone with. You don’t want to use a dirty sponge, nor do you want to use chemical-ridden soaps. A pizza brush is designed to carefully clean your stone without any negative effects. The other thing it does is gives you another tool to slide your pizza off the stone. A pizza peel is a great first step, but if you’re unable to push the pizza from the opposite side onto the peel, it’s not really that useful.

Pair Them With a Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

Now you know the supporting cast of pizza stones. These accessories aren’t requirements, but without them, you might be fumbling for equipment around your kitchen to help you slide your pizza off the stone. In fact, one of the most common issues a first-time pizza stone user encounters is a hot stone with no way to remove the pizza.

It isn’t an option to take the whole stone out of the oven, because it’s just as hot as the oven itself. There’s no way you could pick it up without severely burning yourself or damaging an oven mitt. The reality is that you need to leave the stone in there, but if your pizza is still on it, it’s going to burn! If you find yourself in this situation without the proper equipment, it can be pretty stressful. You’re eagerly awaiting your delicious creation, but it’s slowly becoming inedible.

That’s where pizza stone accessories come in handy. With a pizza peel, you have a tool designed to be thrust into a hot oven and emerge unscathed with your pizza. Sometimes it’s not that simple, so a long-handled pizza brush that you use for cleaning can also be used to push the pizza onto the peel! Now that you’ve got your mouth-watering pie, you’ll need to cut it into manageable slices. Ditch your useless rolling slicer and grab a rocking cutter to efficiently and effectively make perfect slices!

These accessories will make your pizza cooking experience much more enjoyable! They can often be found for a good price, but view them as an investment into good pizza eating. It is something that you can’t really put a price on! If you don’t have a pizza stone, find the best one on the entire market here!