//16″ Round Pizza Stone

16″ Round Pizza Stone


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  • The Best Crispy Crust – Thermarite absorbs more moisture, which provides superior heat retention & transfer
  • Thermarite is engineered to last with better durability, strength, & superior thermal shock
  • Use in Ovens & on Grills – Thermarite shields the pizza from the intense heat of the grill
  • Certified Safe – US FDA, European Union, German Food Code, RoHS. (Does not smell)
  • 16″ Round Stone + Use & Care Instructions + Bonus 4″x5″ Scraper + Free Recipe Ebook

Your Order Includes:

  • FREE Shipping in the Continental US
  • One Pizza Stone –16” Round x 5/8” Thick
  • Use and Care instructions
  • One 4″x5″ scraper (use for easy cleanup and food creation)
  • Recipe eBook
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What is thermarite and why does it make the best pizza stone?

Get the best crispy crust with a pizza stone that is engineered to last

Thermarite is a high density, specially formulated cordierite that is super-heated to over 2,000F providing engineered strength, extreme durability, and superior thermal shock capabilities.

Thermarite Absorbs More Moisture –Its unique, highly absorbent micro-pore structure extracts and absorbs moisture out of moist dough creating the best crispy crusts.

Thermarite’s superior heat retention and heat transfer provides an even heat that is transmitted directly into the food for better crusts.

Does not smell! Cast Elegance’s thermarite is created with extreme heat that vaporizes all organic matter, creating a premium, professional grade stone that has no odor when heated.

Use in Ovens and on Grills (gas or charcoal)!  Thermarite shields the pizza from the intense heat of the grill.

You get brick oven results at home for a fraction of the cost of a professional brick oven.

Certified Safe! Passed US FDA, RoHS, European Union, & German Food Code safety standards.

Packaged to arrive in one piece without any micro-fractures.

Your Order Includes:

  • One Pizza Stone –16” Round x 5/8” Thick
  • Use and Care instructions
  • One 4″x5″ scraper (use for easy cleanup and food creation)
  • Recipe eBook

1 review for 16″ Round Pizza Stone

  1. Austin P.

    We used this pizza stone for the first time over the weekend and had fantastic results. We made a few different kinds of pizza, they all had a nice crispy crust and were delicious! Since we had never used a pizza stone on our Komodo grill before, we give all the credit to this pizza stone for our amazing results. We used Bobbly Flay’s Basic Pizza Dough recipe that makes two 14 inch pizzas, it uses instant yeast so it only needs to rise for an hour and ten minutes total, so fresh homemade pizza is ready in no time! The pizza stone was very well packaged for shipping. We did have to contact customer service for a very minor issue, as we did not receive the scraper, I was really surprised that I received a reply in only a few hours, especially since I sent an email to them late on a Saturday afternoon, great customer service! Great for summer BBQs where everyone can make their own pizzas, as pizzas only take minutes to cook. We’ve only used it once so far, but look forward to experimenting with it and using it for years to come! This is a quality product for a fantastic price with great customer service and is made in the USA, what more can you ask for??!!

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