Searching for the perfect grill pizza stone can be a bit of a challenge as you want the right stone that will provide plenty of flavor and a crispy crust. The Weber Pizza Stone is one model of grill stone that you can use directly on your grill. While it has many benefits that can create a tasty grilled pizza, there are also drawbacks that you need to consider when deciding if this is the right pizza stone for you.

Prep & Cleaning

In order to get your Weber Pizza Stone ready for use, you should wash it only with water and it must be thoroughly dried in order for it to be used on the grill. This additional preparation step is where a lot of pizza chefs have issues as they fail to allow enough time for the Weber Pizza Stone to dry completely. With the cordierite trapping moisture inside when cleaned and prepped, it can easily crack when placed on the grill for cooking.

This has been a huge disappointment for many chefs that look forward to using their grill pizza stone immediately after purchase only to find that it could potentially break on contact with the heat during the first use.

Cook & Construction

The cordierite material of the Weber Pizza Stone is billed as a durable material that holds heat. It needs to be placed on the grill when cold and heated for 30 to 40 minutes prior to grilling your pizza.

Once your Weber Pizza Stone reaches the optimum temperature, you can place your pizza directly on its surface and begin the grilling process. This grill stone cooks your pizza in approximately five to six minutes depending on the temperature of your grill.  A common problem when grilling pizza on a stone is that the bottom can often be over cooked while the toppings are undercooked. If this happens, try reducing the amount of toppings you use on your pizza or lowering the temperature when cooking on this grill pizza stone.

It is important when using the Weber Pizza Stone that you heed the advice of heating the pizza stone on the grill to temperature prior to use. The cordierite material is sensitive to heat fluctuations and placing a cold grill stone directly on a high heat can cause immediate cracking or breakage. Additionally, placing too many cool temperature ingredients too close together can have an effect on the integrity of the Weber Pizza Stone, and can create structural cracks that weaken the surface of your grill pizza stone. Weber recommends that you not place frozen items on the hot stone.

Added Accessories

One of the nice features of the Weber Pizza Stone is that it comes with a metal holder This allows you to make your pizza right on the stone and transfer it to the grill. This can be tricky so take care when using this so that the stone does not slip from the holder when transporting it.

Get a Thermarite Pizza Stone

Chose a stone that’s made with Thermarite. These stones absorb moisture in your pizza dough, and the heat retention helps make the best, crispy crust. You’ll love it!

The Verdict of The Weber Pizza Stone

While the Weber Pizza Stone is a fine grill pizza stone for use with the Weber grill, you may find that results with other grill types don’t produce an optimum pizza.

You will find that the Weber Pizza Stone can give you that brick oven pizza texture that pizza makers crave with a crispy crust and chewy center. There are charred bits, but that adds to the overall flavor and rustic appeal of your pizza.

When it comes to durability of the Weber Pizza Stone, it seems to be lacking as there is the potential for cracking when cooking and during the preparation step if not careful. Temperature extremes can affect its longevity, so care must be used when grilling a pizza

Overall, it is recommended that the Weber Pizza Stone is not the perfect grill pizza stone because of its susceptibility to cracking from temperature extremes.

Another Pizza Grill Stone Alternative

For a grill pizza stone that is more durable, you may want to consider the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. This is a more forgiving grill stone than the Weber Pizza Stone  and it is designed to stand up to direct heat with more even grilling of your pizza.

Handles the Heat

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is designed to withstand the highest heat demands of your grill with its Thermarite construction. This material allows the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone to go from hot to cold without stressing or straining the surface. There is no need to worry about cracking as the Thermarite of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is engineered to be placed in the direct heat of your grill. This allows for less time to heat up your grill stone, saving on time and energy when using a pizza stone on the grill.

The Thermarite handles thermal loads with ease, allowing you to place cold ingredients directly on the hot stone without breakage. Because the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone uses Thermarite in its construction, it provides an even and balanced heating of your pizza on the grill. This helps prevent any burned or charred spots that don’t taste that great. Your toppings are able to be evenly cooked as the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone retains its temperature and absorbs moisture as it cooks more evenly to give you a crispy crust that is reminiscent of a brick oven cooked pizza.

Safe & Ready to Go

One of the nicest features of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is its ability to be used immediately out of the package. It does not need to be seasoned and is ready to use, so you don’t have to spend any time prepping it for use. This allows you to use the grill stone instantly, so you can start making that delicious pizza crust on day one.

You also don’t have to worry about cracking from moisture that is retained  during the cleaning process as there is no need to wash the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone out of the box. You can rest assured that this grill stone is safe for use as it is certified by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the European Union. This ensures you and your family’s safety when using this pizza stone on the

The quality and safety of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is apparent the moment that you begin cooking your grilled pizza, as you won’t have any offensive odors that come from some competitor’s pizza stones. Especially during their initial use. The only smell coming from your Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is the delicious aroma of pizza that will have you salivating for a bite.

You won’t have to wait very long to get a bite as the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone cooks in minimal time, so you can enjoy your grilled pizza sooner rather than later. Thanks to this grill stone’s Thermarite, not only do you not have any cracking, but this pizza grill stone holds heat to cook faster than other traditional grill stones on the market. This is also an ideal feature for when you are making multiple pizzas on the grill as the cooking process is streamlined for your convenience.

Saving You More

When you purchase the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone, you will be pleasantly surprised at the lower price tag compared to other grill pizza stones on the market. The amount of durability you gain with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone compared to other brands is a huge advantage as you can rest assured that you are investing in a pizza stone that will produce that authentic Italian pizza taste you are looking for without sacrificing on safety or energy use.

Because this grill stone can go directly on a hot grill and retain heat for longer, you don’t have to use exorbitant amounts of charcoal to get a great tasting pizza. The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone can also be used on gas and wood grills, giving you even more flexibility with your pizza stone. You’ll save significantly on the initial purchase of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone, and given its incredible durability and low energy consumption, you’ll be able to enjoy your stone for years to come.

When it comes to selecting a pizza grill stone for your backyard grill, turn to the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. You’ll find this grill stone has plenty of strength and durability to handle the heat demands of your grill and get that amazing grilled pizza taste every single time. You’ll benefit from the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone’s ability to be used immediately to create great pizza flavor and know that you are using a pizza grill stone that is safe for you and your family.

Cast Elegance Pizza Stone offers all the advantages, without the drawbacks of other stones, all at a price you can afford. You’ll be enjoying a slice of that homemade pizza pie in a matter of minutes and be grateful that you have a Cast Elegance Pizza Stone.