Everyone may have a different idea of what the best part of a pizza is, but nobody can deny that cheese is absolutely significant. It can be easy to overlook cheese when you have so many zesty toppings just waiting to be eaten, but you’d definitely be alarmed if you ate a pizza without it. There’s much more to great pizza cheese than plain old shredded mozzarella, but there’s nothing wrong with that either! Check out this article to learn the secret to truly amazing cheese on your homemade pizza!

The Factors of Cheese

Have you ever thought about just how many different types of cheese there are in the world? We have the more common varieties, like cheddar, swiss, american, and mozzarella, but there are also finer cheeses like parmesan, romano, and asiago. You can even get exotic with some goat, sheep, or even the polarizing blue cheese.

With so many different varieties of cheese, have you ever wondered why mozzarella is the only type of cheese found on pizza a vast majority of the time? That’s like choosing to dip your chicken nuggets only in barbecue sauce when there are dozens of other sauces like sweet and sour and ranch!

Mozzarella is a fantastic cheese for pizza, but it is also a safe choice. The main reason why mozzarella is used so often is because it has a subtle flavor, which makes it an agreeable pairing with just about any toppings. Not only that, but there’s also science backing up the use of mozzarella cheese.

Scientists have discovered that mozzarella cheese is actually the perfect type of cheese for pizza because of its composition and how it cooks. Mozzarella has just the right balance of oil and fat, but it is also ridiculously elastic. That’s why mozzarella cheese is so stringy! The elasticity and oil/fat ratio of mozzarella create for a perfect pizza cheese that can’t be matched by any other variety!

Even though mozzarella is definitely king cheese, you can still appreciate the unique flavors that other cheeses have to offer. Yes, you can enjoy other cheeses and mozzarella at the same time! The reality is that pizza isn’t complete without mozzarella cheese, so if you try to skimp on it you’ll wonder what you were thinking later.

Creating a Delicious Blend

Your best option for enjoying fancy cheese flavors is to create a delicious blend! Have you ever heard of three, four, even five blend cheese pizzas? This is quite literally done by mixing a variety of cheeses to create a unique and delicious flavor combination!

If you’re not a cheese connoisseur, then you might not have any special cheeses stashed away for a special occasion. Cheese can certainly be overwhelming because of how much variety there is. There’s different colors, names, shapes, consistencies, origin animal, and much more to differentiate by. If you’re just starting to try new cheeses, it can definitely can be hard to pick where to start!

We’ll give you a few recommendations of cheeses that work great on pizza and why just below, but you should definitely treat those as guidelines. There are so many different flavors of cheeses in the world because everyone has different preferences. What one person loves in a cheese you may find revolting, and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to try new cheeses and to experiment! Eating is meant to be an experience, so don’t worry if it isn’t always perfect. That’s just part of the process!

Here are some great cheeses to use as a starting point to include in a cheese blend:

  • Asiago – Asiago is an Italian-based cheese that is known for a nutty flavor and creamy finish. Intensity varies based on aging, but it is fairly similar to romano and parmesan cheese.
  • Gruyere – Gruyere is actually a Swiss-based cheese that is fairly hard. It offers a nice balance of salty and sweet, and has a truly full-bodied flavor. Gruyere in particular is great for helping the pizza glaze look much more appealing.
  • Provolone – Provolone isn’t an uncommon cheese, but you might not think to include it in a cheese blend. Provolone is another Italian-based cheese that is fantastic for adding a nice mellow smokey flavor.

Achieving a Perfect Glaze with a Pizza Stone

Once you’ve finally mixed a killer cheese blend, you’ll want to sprinkle it all over your pizza! You might think that’s all there is to pizza cheese, but it doesn’t end there. At this point, you’ll want to consider how you want to cook the pizza.

You can use a cookie sheet or pizza pan, but you’ll definitely appreciate using a pizza stone much more. A pizza stone is a rounded piece of material that gets as hot as your oven or grill. You can place your pizza directly onto it, which will apply heat directly to the bottom surface of your pizza. This creates an ultra-quick cook time, but also allows for an even cook all away around.

Any pizza stone worth its weight will also be porous. Porous pizza stones are covered in dozens of little holes that will absorb moisture from the crust of your pizza. This is particularly useful for the cheese of your pizza, as moisture can prevent your cheese from melting properly.

When you cook your pizza evenly with a pizza stone, it makes the bottom crust nice and crispy while leaving the toppings perfectly warmed. The direct heat isn’t hitting the top of your pizza, but you also don’t need it to. This combination actually allows for the cheese on your pizza to acquire a nice and beautiful glaze that will make your mouth water!

The Ultimate Pizza Stone for Perfect Pizza Cheese

By now you should have a better idea of just how much variety you can add to your pizza cheese repertoire! Mozzarella is definitely the best for a good reason, backed by taste and science. You can still enjoy the exotic flavors of other cheeses by creating your own cheese blend!

You’ll want to experiment and try lots of different cheeses to find what suits your fancy. Mozzarella is a given, but you’ll also have a great experience if you try adding some asiago, gruyere, and provolone to it as well. Once you’ve got a nice cheese blend mixed together, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a pizza stone to cook your pizza the right way!Pizza stones are great for evenly cooking your pizza, which creates an amazing glaze on top that’ll leave you scrambling for a slice! If you want to make your own delicious homemade pizza, check out the pizza stones available from Cast Elegance! Available in three different convenient sizes, you’re sure to find a great pizza stone to help you experience new cheeses!