Investing in a pizza stone for the grill takes some thoughtful consideration as there are many different brands on the market to choose from. The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone is one option that many people choose to make pizza with on their grill. This grill stone has advantages as well as drawbacks that need to be taken into account before you decide to buy and we’ve examined the pros and cons of this model to help you make an informed decision.

The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone Pros and Cons

While pizza stones can be used in your conventional oven, for a more authentic brick oven pizza experience, the grill matches the taste more closely when used with a grill stone. This creates that crispy crust and chewy inside while baking the toppings for that ultimate pizza flavor that we all strive to achieve. We looked at the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone’s capability as a grill stone to determine its overall effectiveness at making outstanding pizza.

A Grill For A Grill Stone

There are some factors to consider when buying the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone. One glaring drawback to the Big Green Egg pizza stone that we would be remiss not to mention, is the cost of a Big Green Egg Grill, Costing up to $1200.  With that said the Big Green Egg pizza stone is specifically designed to be used with the Big Green Egg grill. These grills incorporate a ceramic design that is inspired by Japanese culture. The idea behind this odd-shaped grill is that it is better able to thermally heat and hence, cook your pizza.

The Big Green Egg pizza stone was created for use with the Big Green Egg grill and comes in a variety of sizes to suit all these grill models. You will, unfortunately, need to purchase a Big Green Egg convEGGtor accessory to actually use the pizza stone. But, when converted, the Big Green Egg is a complete stone pizza oven that is an ideal way to grill your pizza for that perfect pizza pie crust. It radiates heat from top to bottom using the Big Green convEGGtor attachment, creating a stone pizza oven out of your Big Green Egg grill.

An important disadvantage with the Big Green Egg pizza stone that you should probably consider when comparing pizza stones is how fragile it is in comparison to the Cast Elegance Thermarite pizza stone.  Unfortunately a quick google image search reveals all the Big Green Egg pizza stones that have passed on and gone to Pizza Stone heaven.

Also, it is important to note that the Big Green Egg grill can only fit one grill pizza stone at a time, which means if you want multiple pizzas, more time will be needed for grilling. The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone can, of course, be used with traditional grills as an outdoor pizza oven, allowing for more than one stone to be used at a time.

Is It Worth The Weight?

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone is its significant weight. While some might consider this a benefit, it can also be a drawback in the same sense. Sure, this pizza stone has a thick density to it that is supposed to prevent cracking when hit with high direct heat, which is necessary when grilling a pizza. But, it takes significantly longer to heat up which can be a bit annoying when your mouth is salivating waiting for your pizza to grill, not to mention the fact that it takes quite a bit more fuel to get the BGE pizza stone up to temp.

Construction of the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone uses ceramic, which can definitely handle the heat to grill your pizza and get your crust that crispy texture we all love. Grilling your pizza takes about five to seven minutes at 480°F. A good portion of time is spent getting it to this temperature based on the thickness of the pizza stone, but once it heats up only a few minutes are necessary to grill it to taste.

Because the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone is incredibly thick, it is considered a durable grill stone. If properly cared for, you will have many years of use with the pizza stone on the grill, giving you plenty of time to perfect your pizza making skills, of course. But, others report that the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone can crack if not properly handled. These cracks can develop and not be apparent immediately as they lie within the structure of your grill pizza stone, developing more and more with each use until they finally surface and destroy your Big Green Egg Pizza Stone.

How About Heat?

The extra thickness of the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone is good at holding in that heat, which we mentioned really helps it to cook your pizza in a matter of minutes. You also get a much more even grill on the crust of your pizza, preventing those burnt spots with this grill pizza stone.

Thanks to the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone ability to hold heat in, it can’t be removed from your grill until it has time to cool. While this may seem like a small inconvenience, it may drive some crazy waiting to clean up after a late-night stone pizza oven party. Again, a small inconvenience but worthy of mention as you consider which grill stone to invest in for your home bbq.

The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone may not be the most efficient means of cooking your pizza pie as the grill stone uses quite a bit of extra charcoal when grilling a pizza. This makes the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone costlier to use over the long haul, but if your pizza tastes great, it may be worth the sacrifice.

The Verdict on the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone

While the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone has plenty of advantages when it comes to grilling pizza, it may not deliver on your expectations. Sure, you will have a pizza that is crispy and cooked, but the time needed to get there just may not be worth the wait or the weight of the stone, literally. You’ll use more charcoal, which is an added cost you have to figure into your pizza making experience and the grill stone just doesn’t hold up for the application it is intended to be used for. Plus, in order to get that optimum stone pizza oven, taste you crave, you’ll need to purchase the Big Green Egg grill. All in all, the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone is not the perfect grill pizza stone and you’d better off purchasing the Cast Elegance pizza stone for half the price for a far superior, more durable product.

The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone

A Grill Stone Alternative To Consider

One grill stone that we recommend is of course the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. Unlike typical grill stones, the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is expertly crafted from Thermarite. This durable material allows you to cook your pizza on a grill or in an outdoor pizza oven as it can withstand direct high heat. There is no need to gradually heat up the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone or the warm the ingredients you place on it as this unique surface can withstand temperature differences with amazing resilience, in stark contrast to the Big Green Egg pizza stone and most other competitors.

Bye, Bye Breakage

You can easily use the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone with any type of grill you have and not have to worry about the heat being too much for it to handle. Gas, charcoal and wood grill fires are ideal for use with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. And, because the grill stone is crafted from a the superior durable Thermarite material, there is no worry that stress cracks will form and break your stone. You don’t even have to consider those hairline fractures that show up later and crack your grill stone without warning. The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is completely adaptable to the heat and won’t crack or break no matter what type of heat stress or thermal shock it is put under.  The Cast Elegance pizza stone has been tested to go from the direct heat of a grill to an ice cold water bath without so much as a crack.

Crank up the heat!

With the ability to use as high direct heat with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone, you can recreate that authentic stone pizza oven taste that reminds you of your favorite pizza parlor, unlike the Big Green Egg Pizza stone. Imagine making your very own brick oven pizzas on the grill with all the taste and flavor that you have dreamed of. Your crust will be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. There will be no charred spots as the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone cooks perfectly even. The Thermarite is designed to absorb moisture from your pizza dough when cooking to create that perfectly crisp outer crust.

Another benefit of the Thermarite construction of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is its strength and durability. The Cast Elegance pizza stone is made of a patented blend of cordierite known as Thermarite and has superior thermal shock properties to deflect temperature changes so you can put this grill stone directly on a hot fire and begin your grilling process – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Faster To Meal Time

The use of thermarite also helps the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone to retain heat within the grill stone. This allows for faster cooking of your pizza, so you don’t have to wait a long time for your grill stone to heat up. You’ll have pizza in mere minutes with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone and be enjoying another slice in no time.

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone also comes surface ready to grill your pizza and doesn’t produce those nasty odors that some grill pizza stones give off as they cook, especially when they are new. This chemical smell other competitors pizza stones emits can really ruin your entire meal, and it lingers long after your pizza is gone, just reminding you of the awful experience. You’ll have a pleasing pizza making experience with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone and only be surrounded by the delicious, mouth-watering smells of your pizza pie as it grills.

Ready To Use

One of the things that you probably dislike about your grill pizza stone is the time and preparation you put into getting it ready to use. The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone comes ready to use. It is perfectly seasoned, and there is no need to go through any processes to get it ready to make your first pizza on the grill. All the heating and durability benefits are ready the moment you purchase your Cast Elegance Pizza Stone, so you don’t have to wait to enjoy a slice of your favorite homemade pizza. This makes it easier than ever to get started using the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone, getting you on the way to enjoying your pizza even quicker.

Fully Certified

Safety is always an issue when using grill pizza stones. You want to ensure that the grill stone you use is safe for your whole family. The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone offers that security you are looking for. It is certified safe by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the European Union, so no matter where you are grilling a pizza, you can rest assured that you are safe with its use. You have global accountability with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone and a commitment to safety for your whole family or anyone that you decide to serve a slice of your pie baked on this grill stone.

Plenty Of Savings

The best thing about the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is its low cost. When compared with the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone, it is only one-third the price. This is significant savings for a grill stone that is durable, certified, and ready to use, making it easier than ever to afford the best grill stone on the market and make those lush pizzas you have been envisioning in your head.

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone is recommended for your home and grill use. Whether you make pizza or another type of inventive dish using this grill stone, you won’t be disappointed. It has all the heat retention you need to grill pizza fast and give you that highly sought after Italian flavor you are seeking with its creation. You can place it directly in the heat and place your cold ingredients on top without fear as there will be no cracking or breaking with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone as it is made tough and durable.

When you are looking to make the best-tasting pizza on the grill, turn to the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone. You’ll have a crust that transports you to Old World Italy with each bite. The toughness of the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone may surprise you, but the taste and flavor of your grilled pizza using the stone will impress you as you won’t find anything like the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone on the market. Start enjoying your brick oven pizza today with the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone today!