Chances are, you’ve probably heard that a pizza stone is pretty useful for making some titillating pizza, but do you know what actually makes the difference? There are many ways that you can cook pizza, but they don’t all produce the same quality slice! In the rest of this article, we’ll cover all the common tools used to cook pizza and why a pizza stone wins every single time!

What Do You Cook Pizza On?

Think back to the last time you made your own pizza from scratch. Remember the wonderful experience of assembling your pizza with all your favorite ingredients, and in the right amount of each! Did it fully satisfy your craving, or was it a little underwhelming? More likely than not, it probably didn’t stack up to some of the gourmet pizzas you had from restaurants that know how to do it right.

One of the biggest reasons for this difference is the cooking tool you actually cook the pizza on! If this makes you think of a pizza pan or cookie sheet, we’ve got good news for you because there are much better ways to cook a pizza! While you certainly can heat a pizza to an acceptable temperature for eating, that doesn’t mean it will look presentable, taste good, or be appealing in any way.

If you really want to get technical, you could probably cook a pizza on top of a warm car engine, but you definitely wouldn’t want to eat it afterwards.

Picking the Right Cooking Tool

The cooking instrument you use to hold and heat your pizza is crucial to making a perfect slice. Consider this: is your cooking tool helping or getting in the way of your pizza cooking? Something like a cookie sheet is certainly getting in the way because it just won’t get hot enough, but other choices like a pizza stone definitely help to cook the pizza with the heat it provides. Usually the argument is between using a pizza steel and pizza stone, but there are a few other choices.

Cookie Sheet

Yes, one of the worst things you can do to a beautifully crafted raw pizza is submit it to a cruel fate of being cooked on a cookie sheet. Do you hate your taste buds? Baking your pizza on a cookie sheet is a great way to punish them, because you’re not getting a good pizza on a cookie sheet. Cookie sheets don’t retain heat well enough to help cook your pizza. This creates a slow cook, which ends up making the crust hard.

Crispy is nice, but hard is not an appealing quality for any food. Save your cookie sheet for what it was intended for: cookies. Or better yet, start making cookies on a different piece of cooking equipment too!

Pizza Pan

A small step up from the infamous cookie sheet is a pizza pan. Alright, this must be promising because the tool has pizza in its name. Unfortunately, that’s all a facade because pizza pans are actually terrible for cooking pizza too. Pizza pans are quite thin, which makes it hard for them to store heat. This makes it take longer for pizza to cook, which ultimately results in a pizza with a doughy texture.

Doughy is nice, if you haven’t cooked your pizza yet. Pizza pans just won’t make a good pizza either, save them for use as sample tray.

Grill Rack

Now that the bad options are done, we can start talking about good ways to cook a pizza. Putting it right on the grill rack is actually quite effective, as long as your dough is sturdy enough to keep from flopping. This will provide a nice, even cook, but it will also be quick enough to make your crust nice and crispy. There’s nothing wrong with cooking on a grill rack, but it can be a little difficult to maneuver. 

Pizza Steel

Another good choice is a pizza steel. Pizza steels are similar to pizza stones, but they tend to be half as thick or thinner, and are often shaped like a rectangle. They actually get hot much quicker than most options here because steel is metal and therefore conducts heat well. Pizzas are cooked nice and quick, taste amazing, and have crispy crust. Unfortunately, steel is fairly difficult to maintain. It can rust fairly easily and needs constant upkeep.

Cast Iron Skillet

One secret you might not know about cooking pizza is a cast iron skillet! Pizza cooked in a cast iron skillet has the perfect combination of being chewy and crispy at the same time, which makes for an interesting texture experience! The cast iron skillet gets hot fairly quickly, is great at holding heat, and you probably know how durable it is! A cast iron skillet would be the best option, if it wasn’t for the last choice on this list! 

Pizza Stone

The absolute best way to cook a pizza is by using a pizza stone! Pizza stones are slabs of minerals or rocklick material that often bear the same shape as a pizza. They reach the same temperature of their cooking environment, allowing them to provide direct heat right to the bottom surface of your pizza! This allows for crispy crust like no other, with some phenomenally cooked toppings to make the meal complete! 

Taste the Pizza Stone Difference for Yourself!

Pizza has been prepared for years in a variety of different ways. You can use things like a cookie sheet and pizza pan, but those just won’t make a good pizza. If you really want to treat yourself, try cooking your pizza right on the grill rack, on a pizza steel, or in a cast iron skillet. These will all quickly cook your pizza while making your crust nice and crispy. But if you really care about making the best pizza you’ve ever tasted, you’ll need a pizza stone!

Pizza stones were created to simulate a wood-fired brick oven, which is what professionals use to make gourmet pies. This means that a pizza stone is undoubtedly your best choice of cooking tool to make pizza fit for a king (or queen). The best pizza stone you can use is one available from Cast Elegance!

Made of Thermarite, there isn’t another stone that can withstand more abuse and keep churning out incredible pizzas! Take a look for yourself today and prepare for some amazing pizza!