Chances are, you’ve probably looked at a pizza menu and read something that made you recoil. Pizza is undoubtedly delightful, but everyone has a different idea of what the perfect pizza entails. With so many different people and choices of pizza toppings, you’re sure to encounter some that don’t suit your fancy! The rest of this article will illustrate some of the most controversial pizza toppings and how you can learn to actually appreciate them.

Some Toppings are Taboo

Despite pizza’s unique ability to be created in hundreds of different ways, there are still some specific pizza topping choices that have a terrible reputation. These are the pizzas that are often missing just a slice or go uneaten entirely!

Besides the fairly universal rule of not mixing sweet with savory on pizza (and even that rule gets broken), some toppings just send people running in fear. For other people, they’ve never tried the pizza but the assumption of what the pizza will taste like based on the ingredients is enough for them to steer clear.

As a disclaimer for this article, if you’ve developed a strong dislike for any of these toppings because you’ve actually tasted them before, you’ll have a harder time shifting your preferences to allow you to enjoy them. These ideas work much better for those who have never tried any of these toppings just because of how they sound. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give some of these toppings a second try!

The Worst Offenders

As far as pizza topping goes, these are some of the worst offenders. If we could turn them into people, they’d be on Death Row in a maximum-security prison. Yeah, they’re hated that much.

Some pizza fanatics will go to the ends of the Earth to argue why one (or more) of these toppings should never find its way onto a pizza. Not everyone who enjoys pizza is an extremist though, and these are some great ways to expand your pizza horizons!


Quite honestly, pineapple may be the most controversial pizza topping. Some are extraordinarily passionate about it, but others just can’t comprehend why you’d put a tropical fruit on a savory pizza. Just the idea of fruit, meat, cheese, and tomato sauce mixing together seems odd.

Despite that, pineapple is actually a popular inclusion in many savory Hawaiian dishes. Hawaii has a natural abundance of pineapple, so natives have found ways to incorporate the fruit into their cuisine. For pizza, they created the pizza known as the Hawaiian Pizza. The two staple ingredients for this pizza include pineapple and canadian bacon.

The reason why this pizza actually works is because canadian bacon is also naturally a sweeter meat. If you’ve ever had a brown-sugar glazed ham, you’d know almost exactly what canadian bacon tastes like. The sweetness of the pineapple pairs perfectly with this, but offers a uniquely juicy and crunchy texture to the pizza.

It might not become your favorite, but if you try a Hawaiian Pizza, then you’ll understand what those pineapple-enthusiasts are talking about.


Another heavily controversial topping is the fishy sardine. A large problem with any sardine pizza is the simple fact that it is a seafood pizza. When it comes to a traditional savory pizza, most people opt for a land meat, like pepperoni, sausage, or bacon. Seafood is an entirely different form of meat, and often requires you to be in the mood for it.

Because of this, you’re not likely to search for a sardine pizza when you have a craving for pizza. Making the topping even more polarizing is the fact that the fish is a sardine. Many folks have an innate aversion to sardines, even if they’ve never tried them. Sardines look weird, they smell foul, and it is difficult to imagine they taste good.

Considering those qualities, it may be hard to envision a sardine pizza tasting good, but they absolutely can! If you want to enjoy a sardine pizza, go into the meal beforehand anticipating a seafood-based meal rather than a traditional pizza.

Sardine pizza tastes best when it has few other toppings to clash with the flavor the sardines. The use of herbs and spices are much of what gives a sardine pizza great flavor. You’ll still want to use sauce (tomato or white works great) and cheese, but less of it to really allow the sardines to sing.


Yet another discredited pizza topping because it is seafood is clams. Any seafood pizza, by default, tends to get a bad reputation. This doesn’t mean that seafood pizzas aren’t downright delicious! Clams themselves are also controversial – some love the chewy quality, and others just can’t stand it.

If you don’t like clams, you’ll probably never enjoy a clam pizza. If you can inhale a cup of clam chowder like nobody’s business, you’ll be delighted by a clam pizza! While you can find tomato-sauce based clam pizzas, the best variety are undoubtedly made with incredible white sauces.

Similar to sardines, clams are another topping that you’ll want to prevent from being overpowered by other ingredients. One strong ingredient that is a clam’s best friend is garlic. The use of garlic is crucial for clam pizzas, helping to give great flavor to the chewy clam. You’ll also want to use plenty of herbs and spices. Clam pizzas are fairly basic but entirely delicious!

How You Cook Your Pizza Matters Too!

Now that you know the 3 most controversial pizza toppings, it is time for you to try one of them out! Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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