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STEP 1: Vow to never eat soggy crust again

Nobody likes soggy pizza crust. You don’t want to eat out, but your crust never turns out right so you decide to get a pizza stone.


STEP 2: Heat the pizza stone

Heat the stone at 450 degrees for 30 minutes so the crust doesn’t stick. You can use and over or a grill.


STEP 3: Get crispy crust every time

Once heated, cook your pizza for 12-20 minutes. The pizza is done when the crust is crispy.Take off heat and enjoy.


Step 4: Start Google Ads Campaign

Getting everything ready takes about a week. Once we have all the set up done, your ads will go live and you’ll start getting traffic right away.

Cast Elegance pizza stone

Step 5: Test and Optimize

Continual testing and optimization is where the real sales propulsion comes from, so we’ll be working on your account and making changes constantly.

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Some Companies we’ve worked with in the past

Our Work

Some Companies we’ve worked with in the past

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How to Make Perfect Pizza at Home

December 16th, 2018|

So, you’ve just had your Cast Elegance pizza stone delivered and you can’t wait to get started wowing your friends [...]

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