Clay, ceramic, cast iron, steel and cordierite… There’s a lot of different types of pizza stones out there and while a quality stone will help you turn out professional quality pizzas, a regular stone will only leave you with burnt crust and undercooked cheese. To help you make an informed decision when buying a new pizza stone for your grill, we’ve done a thorough comparison of the best 4 grilling pizza stones that are currently available. Here, you’ll find a brief overview of these top 4 pizza stones for the grill along with a list of their pro’s and con’s and our final verdict.

The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone for the Grill

The Big Green Egg pizza stone is a high-quality ceramic grilling stone that claims to evenly distribute heat while pulling moisture away from the dough for an evenly cooked, crispy pizza. Although they don’t need to be used specifically on a Big Green Egg grill, they’re available in a range of sizes designed to fit all Eggs from the MiniMax Egg to the XX Large Egg.

When using the Big Green Egg pizza stone in a Big Green Egg, you do need to have the convEGGtor accessory as well. This allows the direct heat from the grill to be gently diffused to facilitate the indirect cooking that’s needed to thoroughly cook pizza on the grill without burning the crust.

Like all pizza stones, the Big Green Egg pizza stone can be used for more than just cooking pizza. It’s also marketed as being the ideal tool for grilling breads and desserts.

Our Verdict on the Big Green Egg Pizza Stone

Overall, the Big Green Egg pizza stone is a quality stone that’s suitable for grilling over indirect high heat. It’s strong and durable and we love that it’s available in a range of sizes to fit whatever type of Big Green Egg you have.

However, because this brand is so well-known and loved, you can expect to pay more than usual for the Big Green Egg pizza stone. Prices are generally 2-3 times higher than that of the Cast Elegance pizza stone although it’s not of higher quality.

The Weber Pizza Stone for the Grill

The Weber pizza stone is a cordierite stone that aims to efficiently absorb moisture from pizza dough to form a light and crispy crust. It’s designed to fit into Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate so that it firmly stays in place while grilling. While this is a great idea, we’ve never personally had a problem with our pizza stones moving while grilling though.

Our Verdict on the Weber Pizza Stone

We were a little disappointed at the strength and durability of the Weber pizza stone. Although it’s manufactured by a reputable brand, many reported that it isn’t great for frequent use on the grill at high heats.

The Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

The Pampered Chef pizza stone is a clay-made pizza stone that’s hand-finished into a one-of-a-kind piece. It offers built-in handles to make it easy to move, excellent heat retention for a crispy base and won’t retain the odor or flavor of other food that you’ve cooked on there.

However, the Pampered Chef pizza stone is NOT suitable for use on the grill! It’s limited to use in both conventional and convection ovens and will crack if placed under high temperatures.

Our Verdict on the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone

If you know what you’re doing with the Pampered Chef pizza stone, you will be able to make nice pizzas on this stone, even if only in the oven.

However, because of the large number of reports of cracked and broken Pampered Chef pizza stones resulting from using it in higher heats, pre-heating without pizza on it and inconsistent cooling, we can’t recommend this pizza stone to anyone who is planning to use it frequently. In addition to this, it can’t be used on the grill or in an outdoor pizza oven which severely limits its usefulness to inside cooking and reheating frozen pizzas.

The Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

The Cast Elegance pizza stone is a hardy tool for making professional quality pizzas at home in your oven or on the grill. It’s made of thermarite which is a form of high-density cordierite that’s been specially formulated to offer superior strength, durability and thermal shock capabilities. Because of this, the Cast Elegance pizza stone is ideal for using on the grill or in an outdoor pizza oven where the temperature will be significantly higher than your indoor oven (although you can use it inside too).

During manufacturing, this stone has also been extensively tested to also ensure that sudden temperature changes don’t cause any sort of cracking, micro-fractures or shattering that can be a dangerous end to the life of your grill stone.

It also offers excellent heat retention and moisture absorbing capabilities for that crispy, yet soft, crust that everyone loves.

Our Verdict on the Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

We love the Cast Elegance pizza stone because it offers the strength, durability and variability that’s needed to cook inside or outside without worrying about damaging or breaking your stone. And, it seems that many people agree because there’s numerous independent reviews of this stone online that are all excellent.

We also love that it’s actually been certified as safe to use for cooking by the FDA and it doesn’t give off those nasty, toxic smells that some other pizza stones create.

In terms of cooking results, the Cast Elegance pizza stone by far makes the most authentic tasting pizzas that you’d be convinced were cooked in a brick-style oven. And, at a third of the price of other quality pizza stones for the grill, you really can’t go wrong!

The Best Pizza Stone for the Grill

After reviewing the top 4 pizza stones for the grill, the Cast Elegance pizza stone stands out as not only being the best product, but also the best priced. Made from high-heat resistant thermarite, it’s able to handle extreme changes in temperature without cracking or breaking. For us, this alone distinguishes it as being far ahead of the competition which all do report some limitations in terms of using over direct, high-heat as you’ll be doing when cooking a pizza over the grill or in an outdoor oven.

Nevertheless, the Cast Elegance pizza stone continues to impress offering excellent heat retention and moisture absorbing capabilities for a hot and crispy pizza. And, because it doesn’t give off any nasty smells when new or need any sort of seasoning, all you need to do is take it out of the box and cook your first authentically grilled pizza!